The Thomas W. Phillips Residence

Located in West Adams Heights - Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any special requirements for filming (permits)?
A: FilmLA has special conditions. They may require neighborhood survey, remote parking for cast and crew, paid FilmLA monitor onsite and the approval from FAME Church. (PDF copy of FilmLA's  Special Filming Conditions for 2200 Block of Harvard Boulevard)

Q: Are there any filmmaker responsibilities to consider?
A: Yes. (PDF copy of Filmmakers' Professional Code of Professional Responsibility)

Q: How old are the houses?
A: The houses are at least 100 years old. (PDF copy of Special Restrictions)

Q: Are the houses available for filming/preformances?
A: Yes. Check for availability.

Q: Are the houses available for scouting?
A: Yes. Check Contacts for scouting options.